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About Us

Vikmans is a world of Imaging under one roof in true sense..

Vikmans was founded in the year 1990 with a deep passion for introducing state of the art innovative technologies to any customer’s delight. It has been ours endeavor to provide ready-made, proven and best possible latest technology, be it a scanner or software tool. Vikmans today, is India’s leading digitization equipment provider and a certified national distributor for multiple international manufacturers of digitization solutions from across the world.

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Bulk Scanning


Vikmans key focus is on providing top of the line scanners and related software with extensive experience in the document management sector.



The perishable nature of paper makes it difficult and complicated to preserve documents, even if you take due care. The history of image scanners, can be traced back to the period when telephotography was used to transfer images from one place to other.

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